With pregnancy, many women have mixed feelings. Some receive the news with open arms while others cannot stand the thought. Whatever the case, there are some signs and symptoms that one can observe to ensure their suspicions are legit. An important factor to note is that you can experience the symptoms but not turn out to be pregnant. Still, the symptoms might not show and you end being pregnant. With this in mind, let’s see some symptoms. It is prudent that as soon as you experience the signs, carry on as if the pregnancy is there. This is at least until you confirm the suspicions.

The first symptom you will get to observe is that your periods will stop. This is referred to as Amenorrhea. This is usually the onset of conception and will continue like this until the birth of the baby. This, however, will continue if you choose to breastfeed and might be like this for a few months.

The famous morning sickness is usually next, and this will occur at any time of the day. This is usually nausea triggered by anything; smell of your favorite food or the sight of something that churns up your stomach. Although this is one of the signs during the first trimester, it can extend to as far as the third.

You will tend to visit the toilet for urination more often. It starts as soon as the baby starts growing. The increase in urination is due to the pressure build-up as the womb grows, pressing on the bladder. This will be the situation until you give birth.

Your breasts will become tender and swollen and the areola will become darker. This signifies the production of milk in the mammary glands. They’ll also swell to accommodate the changes in hormone hCG. Do not be alarmed as this will start a week after your pregnant and will last throughout the pregnancy and further on.

Food cravings at odd times of the day or night will also signify pregnancy. Since the body needs more calories to accommodate the change, your liking for certain foods will increase.

Note that the sure way on how to know if you are pregnant is to have a pregnancy test done. Nevertheless, knowing what to look for is best for mental preparedness.

It is best to start off by stating that it is only a rumor and there is no evidence to support the above. Now that that’s clear, evidence as to the said statement will follow. It all started on May 22 when Selena was to hold a VEVO Twitter chat with her fans in the United Kingdom. Only this did not happen because she abruptly cancelled, saying that she was feeling unwell- nausea because of some bad food she had eaten. This is when speculation reared its ugly head.

Soon, the whole online world was abuzz that Selena Gomez is experiencing nausea and morning sickness. Since everyone knows Justin Bieber and she are an item, it wasn’t a moment before the rumor was planted in the form of a question; ‘Did Justin Bieber get Selena Gomez pregnant?’

This sparked mixed feelings from both the singers’ fans- some overjoyed of the supposed ‘good news’ while others were seething with jealousy. When both were asked, they were shocked and said there was no truth to it. However, it was too late since the rumor had already been set ablaze and was fast spreading throughout the world.What made the whole thing seem legit was that it was supposedly stated by TMZ. This later turned out to be lies as TMZ showed, with proof that it did not come from them.

Both Justin and Selena worked to get things controlled, lest their music careers should dip. Press conferences were held and they assured their fans that what was going around Twitter was nothing but baseless lies. Although the two have been spending time together, the strongly say that they’re not ready to cater for the responsibilities of parenthood. To completely alleviate the rumors, the two have been seen together on many occasions, Selena definitely not looking pregnant.

The rumor is fading out but the words did a number on their relationship as they had broken up. However, they rose from the ashes and mended the relationship. They’re still together and now strong enough to not let a rumor separate them. Apart from this, throughout the ordeal they managed to keep themselves calm and composed- good moves Justin and Selena.